a picture showing little minion doll body I and some of the poseability, she is quite a flexible doll.

About Little Minion Dolls I & II

The basic idea for my little minion dolls is to have a group of dolls that represent different heights and body types while still being within scale to each other. I hope to eventually have dolls that can represent all ages and genders and create a sort of doll family.
I haven't designed the dolls to match the scale of fashion dolls or any common doll size, perhaps I should have, but instead I chose to work in a size that felt most comfortable for me. They are smaller than Barbie but much too big for a 1:12 scale dollhouse. I know the strange size will make it difficult to find props or clothing that fits these dolls but I find it hard to worry too much about that. The size is most comfortable to me, it suits me, and I like it.

Probably the biggest motivation for making these dolls is that it makes it possible for me to create dolls for myself based on my own personal story characters. Creating my own dolls gives me more control over what the doll looks like as apposed to buying a doll to modify and this way I don't have to be limited by what's available. The only thing that limits me is my skill and imagination and I'm always working to expand that. They are a lot of work to make but that's okay because I like working on dolls.

Body I

little minion porcelain art doll by ladymeow sitting on plaster molds. This doll is the first body type in my series of little minion dolls.

Body I is approximately 8.5 inches tall when finished.
Designed to represent a 5' tall female.

This doll was designed to represent a character of mine named Cesk. My idea was that she should be a short full grown woman, 5 foot tall, with thin legs and mousey arms. I wanted her to have a round bottom and belly without looking overweight and to have narrow shoulders with a small bust. Cesk is not a very active character, she likes to just sit around the house and relax, so I wanted a body that could represent that and wasn't very athletic looking. I also wanted her to look believable as an adult while still having very small breasts.

I think the finished doll is one that is fairly versatile. This body could easily be used for a petite adult woman or a young teenage girl.

Body II

a child sized porcelain bjd, little minion body II sitting on a kiln post.
Just as the name suggests this body is the second body type in my series of little minion dolls.

Body II is approximately 5.5 inches tall.
Designed to represent a child that is about 3' 5" or in the 5-7 age range.

Because this doll was designed to represent a child it is also mostly gender natural and it can be made either male or female.

Although still challenging and time consuming to make the design process for this doll went a lot smoother than it did for the Body I doll. This doll can pose just as well as the previous body and is every bit as detailed but I feel like overall the look of the joints is improved.

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