porcelain art doll with blue rose china paint by ladymeow

Blue Rose

June 2013

Materials Used:
slip cast porcelain, china paint, leather, lamb hair, elastic cord, steal pins and s hooks

So at the end of 2012/early 2013 I started a doll that was somewhat of an experiment. Many of her body parts had surface defects like small holes from air bubbles and I wanted to do something with them instead of just throw the parts away. So I thought I could try to hide most of the little bubbles with glaze and china paint by making a doll that had tattoos all over her body. The idea was that I could make something that looked like a cross between traditional china paintings of flowers, blue and white china, and a porcelain doll. The idea was good, and it was great practice and a good experiment, but I think my execution was far from perfect.

Body Mold: Body I
Head Mold: Cat
Porcelain color: Magnolia White

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