smol ghost #2

February 20, 2022
A pale ghost, gray specter, my miniature handmade porcelain ball joined doll.

To conclude the series of ghost dolls here is the second tiny one. She has the same style of dress as the last tiny ghost, and she also has gray hair, they both even have gray-blue eyes, but I think this one looks quite a bit different.

Garden Under Lightning

Out of the storm that muffles shining night
Flash roses ghastly-sweet,
And lilies far too pale.
There is a pang of livid light,
A terror of familiarity,
I see a dripping swirl of leaves and petals
That I once tended happily,
Borders of flattened, frightened little things,
And writhing paths I surely walked in that other life—

My specter-garden beckons to me,
Gibbers horribly—
And vanishes!
Leonora Speyer, 1921

Close up portrait of ghost doll. Porcelain ghost doll at the edge of the winter garden. Porcelain artdoll standing on rusty machine. Miniature porcelain doll in dormant rose bush. Porcelain artdoll sitting on a rock.

Handmade porcelain doll, smol ghost #2,
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