smol ghost #1

February 1, 2022
A picture of a gothic ghost girl doll in a tattered white dress.

Last month I shared "The Ghost" so now I'm going to share a smol ghost. Whenever I make a large doll I always have a couple smaller projects in the works at the same time, to make sure I don't have a lot of empty kiln space, and sometimes I like to make smaller dolls with a similar theme as the bigger one I'm working on.

So keeping with that theme I'm going to share a poem for this doll as well. And since this doll is smaller the poem I've found for her is shorter.

I Am Like a Leaf
The silence is broken: into the nature
    My soul sails out,
Carrying the song of life on his brow,
    To meet the flowers and birds.

When my heart returns in the solitude,
    She is very sad,
Looking back on the dead passions
    Lying on Love’s ruin.

I am like a leaf
    Hanging over hope and despair,
Which trembles and joins
    The world’s imagination and ghost.
Yone Noguchi, 1921

A small ghost doll looking evil. Ghost doll on a machine. Miniature gothic ball jointed doll. Tiny goth bjd. porcelain ball joined ghost doll.

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