I am lm_meo

July 20, 2020
lm_meo is my new instagram and twitter username!

I have changed my instagram and twitter screen name to lm_meo
There are a few other websites I have accounts on that I've also changed to the same name but these are the most notable ones.

Why? For consistency.
Early on my preferred online name was meow or ladymeow, after I got my website meowness was also a preferred name, but these names are often being used by other people. I would often be slow to get an account on a new website and by the time I did my preferred names were all used up and I have to find a way to vary it somehow. This made it so all my screen names were different. Annoying! lm_meo is a little less likely to be used by someone else, it's fairly short and easy to spell, and it includes LM. LM is my initials for both my real name, LadyMeow, and my doll lines Little Minion and Leka by Meow.

So now I'm lm_meo.

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