The Ghost

January 14, 2022
Little Minion Doll by lm_meo.

Porcelain artdoll, a specter, a white ghost that's been haunting my desk. Like always, I've been working on this doll for awhile. There are so many steps needed to create a doll like this and then when it's finally finished there is always more to do. Washing her hair and dress, taking photos, editing photos and preparing to share the doll online, washing the doll again and trying to find words to present alongside the doll.

Sometimes, okay a lot of the time, I have a difficult time coming up with anything to say. So today I'm going to share a poem that I think suits this doll.

AH, broken is the golden bowl! the spirit flown forever!
Let the bell toll! — a saintly soul floats on the Stygian river;
And, Guy De Vere, hast thou no tear? — weep now or never more!
See! on yon drear and rigid bier low lies thy love, Lenore!
Come! let the burial rite be read — the funeral song be sung! —
An anthem for the queenliest dead that ever died so young —
A dirge for her the doubly dead in that she died so young.

"Wretches! ye loved her for her wealth and hated her for her pride,
And when she fell in feeble health, ye blessed her — that she died!
How shall the ritual, then, be read? — the requiem how be sung
By you — by yours, the evil eye, — by yours, the slanderous tongue
That did to death the innocence that died, and died so young?"

Peccavimus; but rave not thus! and let a Sabbath song
Go up to God so solemnly the dead may feel no wrong!
The sweet Lenore hath "gone before," with Hope, that flew beside,
Leaving thee wild for the dear child that should have been thy bride —
For her, the fair and debonair, that now so lowly lies,
The life upon her yellow hair but not within her eyes —
The life still there, upon her hair — the death upon her eyes.

"Avaunt! avaunt! to friends from fiends the indignant ghost is riven —
From Hell unto a high estate far up within the Heaven —
From grief and moan to a golden throne beside the King of Heaven: —
Let no bell toll, then, lest her soul, amid its hallowed mirth,
Should catch the note, as it doth float up from the damned Earth;
And I! — to-night my heart is light! — no dirge will I upraise
But waft the angel on her flight with a Pæan of old days."
Edgar Allan Poe, 1849

Portrait of a ghost doll.

This playscale porcelain artdoll, the ghost, is made up of 19 pieces of porcelain and assembled with springs. Her dress is silk and cotton with a few beads and is carefully distressed. Her hair is suri alpaca.

A porcelain doll sitting in frost. My handmade ghost bjd. Porcelain artdoll portrait backlit by golden sunlight. Ghost doll ready to leep. Porcelain ball jointed doll standing.

Available on Etsy:

Queen Bee

September 4, 2021

Awhile ago I made a bee themed doll. She's been hanging around my desk, keeping other dolls company, and I've slowly been making little adjustments to her here and there. I think it's finally time to offer her for sale though so she's now on etsy.

Queen bee porcelain doll

Available on etsy:

Small bees with the queen

Out with the old

December 9, 2017
Farewell sale and dolls going into retirement

Hey guys! No, I'm not going anywhere or retiring from dolls, but I am retiring some of my older doll molds.

So after all this time my Meka dolls are finally coming to the end of their run. 50 tiny dolls is an awful lot, no matter how small they are, and I'm looking forward to finally putting the molds to rest. Custom orders are now closed for these tinies but there are currently 8 finished Mekas available in my etsy shop and there will be 1 more added when I have her dress finished and that will be the last of them. It's been a fun little doll to make but I'm ready for something new.

Porcelain bjd holding a little gray cat.

I'm also having a farewell sale for my older doll molds, Body I and Body II.
The price for the custom dolls will be discounted until the end of the year for anyone that would like to order one before I destroy the molds.
They are odd sized dolls and moving forward I want to focus on making properly scaled 1/6 size dolls in edition to the tinies.

You can find my available dolls on etsy:

Looking forward to sharing more about my upcoming dolls later!

Tiny poppy doll

May 7, 2017
Meka by meow with tiny poppies painted on her body and wine red hair posed with crab-apple blossoms.

I have listed another tiny Meka doll on etsy!

This is #41 in the series. Her porcelain is a light skin color and she has the Monkey face sculpt. She has big brown eyes and simplistic poppies painted on her body. She also comes with two wigs, one long red angora mohair wig, and a short brown suri alpaca wig. Like all of the meka dolls she is a handmade porcelain art doll that is designed for gentle play.

Unnamed doll with green eyes

April 25, 2017
green eyed porcelain doll.

Sometimes when I make a doll I'll have a clear idea as to what to name it an and how it should look. But other times the doll just comes together with no plan at all and then refuses to be named at the end of it all.

This mysterious doll is one that I've struggled to name so I decided not to force it. I will just call it the unnamed doll with green eyes.
A tiny 6" tall porcelain ball jointed doll assembled with steel springs.

This is my latest spring assembled bjd and except for custom requests it will be the last doll of this type that I will assemble with springs. I do like the springs, once installed, but installing them in a tiny doll is fiddly to say the least.

This doll also uses the male variant of the Body II molds. So I guess it's a boy! Though to me he's so feminine looking that I think he could just as well be a girl.

Meka with freckles

March 26, 2017
Meka doll bjd with red hair and freckles and olive green eyes.

Just a quick post to announce another completed Meka doll listed on etsy.
This little one has freckles and olive green eyes and comes with two wigs. One wig is a bright auburn and made from lamb hair and the other is amber yellow suri alpaca.


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