Winter 2022

The Ghost

Summer 2021

Queen Bee

Summer 2020

I am lm_meo

Autumn 2017

Out with the old

Spring 2017

Making a unicorn
A new shadow
Tiny poppy doll
Unnamed doll with green eyes
Sparkle the Unicorn

Winter 2017

Meka with freckles
Forget me not
Dear little garden helper
First two dolls listed this year

Autumn 2016

Looking forward to 2017!
Tiny 6 inch tall doll, AKA body II
Two new dolls with the color green

Summer 2016

Two tiny tattooed Meka dolls
Two tiny elf dolls available on etsy
Icy blue unicorn sculpture
Making a simple dress, Meka Dress #1

Spring 2016

Three new porcelain dolls
New blog and new dolls
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