The Barn Owl

April 12, 2023
Barn owl doll in glowing golden light with her wing cape spread open.

Hello again! It's been awhile but I'm still here and I've finished another doll. This one is fashioned after a barn owl. Her cloak is hand painted, beaded and embroidered, to give the impression of an owls wings. Her mask is a more literal representation of an owls face. It probably took longer than it should have to finish her mask and shoes, lots of fiddling about and reworking things, but in the end I like them.

Barn owl bjd in cloak. Artdoll with Owl mask. bjd standing in the woods with wing cloak. White haired doll holding rose hips. porcelain ball jointed doll in white.
bjd with barn owl costume. art doll with barn owl cloak. Porcelain bjd with owl mask. Porcelain bjd with full outfit.

I shall build me a house where the larkspur blooms
      In a narrow glade in an alder wood,
Where the sunset shadows make violet glooms,
      And a whip-poor-will calls in eerie mood.

I shall lie on a bed of river sedge,
      And listen to the glassy dark,
With a guttered light on my window ledge,
      While an owl stares in at me white and stark.

I shall burn my house with the rising dawn,
      And leave but the ashes and smoke behind,
And again give the glade to the owl and the fawn,
      When the grey wood smoke drifts away with the wind.

Robert Penn Warren

Porcelain bjd relaxing on a mushroom.
Handmade porcelain doll, The Barn Owl,
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