A simple doll

June 26, 2022
A simple porcelain bjd with a fishtail braid.

Today I have a simple nude doll to share. I never work on one doll at a time, there are always multiple dolls in progress, since it just makes to most sense to me. Gotta fill that empty space in my kiln! So normally I try to focus on one doll I want to make with a lot of little details but then also have a few simple dolls in the background. This is one of those simpler dolls. No outfit, no name or theme, just a doll with a pretty face.

Porcelain bjd sitting in a hollow log. Artdoll holding a black raspberry. Doll looking away, dark foreground and vivid green background. A simple nude ball jointed doll standing straight with a white background. Porcelain doll sitting on a log with wildflowers in the background and romantic lighting.

Handmade porcelain doll, Available on Etsy: etsy.com/listing/1243868744
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