Tiny poppy doll

May 7, 2017
Meka by meow with tiny poppies painted on her body and wine red hair posed with crab-apple blossoms.

I have listed another tiny Meka doll on etsy!

This is #41 in the series. Her porcelain is a light skin color and she has the Monkey face sculpt. She has big brown eyes and simplistic poppies painted on her body. She also comes with two wigs, one long red angora mohair wig, and a short brown suri alpaca wig. Like all of the meka dolls she is a handmade porcelain art doll that is designed for gentle play.


Unnamed doll with green eyes

April 25, 2017
green eyed porcelain doll.

Sometimes when I make a doll I'll have a clear idea as to what to name it an and how it should look. But other times the doll just comes together with no plan at all and then refuses to be named at the end of it all.

This mysterious doll is one that I've struggled to name so I decided not to force it. I will just call it the unnamed doll with green eyes.

A tiny 6" tall porcelain ball jointed doll assembled with steel springs.

This is my latest spring assembled bjd and except for custom requests it will be the last doll of this type that I will assemble with springs. I do like the springs, once installed, but installing them in a tiny doll is fiddly to say the least.

This doll also uses the male variant of the Body II molds. So I guess it's a boy! Though to me he's so feminine looking that I think he could just as well be a girl.

Sparkle the Unicorn

April 21, 2017

Some think just one speck of glitter is too much,
but others think there's never enough.

polymer clay unicorn sculpture.

Next up from the mountain of unfinished work that is slowly being worked through is this tiny unicorn sculpture. If you follow my instagram you might have seen some progress pictures of this one last year. I've named it Sparkle the unicorn for reasons that are probably obvious. There is quite a bit of glitter used on this one.

Sparkle is fantastic and tiny, just 9.5cm tall, and made of polymer clay and other bits. She is not quite like a horse but not quite like a dear and very pleased about it.

Available on etsy:
sparkle the unicorn in front of lilac flowers.

Meka with freckles

March 26, 2017
Meka doll bjd with red hair and freckles and olive green eyes.

Just a quick post to announce another completed Meka doll listed on etsy.
This little one has freckles and olive green eyes and comes with two wigs. One wig is a bright auburn and made from lamb hair and the other is amber yellow suri alpaca.


Forget me not

March 10, 2017
Little Minion Doll by ladymeow with forget me not flower themed dress and body paint.
Myosotis sylvatica,
or woodland forget-me-not, is a short-lived perennial that blooms in the spring and has small blue or white flowers.

This little lady is named Forget Me Not and is styled after the tiny blue woodland flowers. It seemed appropriate given that she is the final doll of her kind. At least kind of.

I mentioned in my new years post that I will be retiring some of my dolls this year to make room for new work and so now I’d like to show you my last doll from the “body I” molds, or at least the last one I will be making on my own time. I will continue to keep dolls from this mold available for custom order until the end of the year and then after that the molds will be destroyed.

Forget Me Not has big blue eyes and tiny blue flower tattoos and comes with a dress, headband, and five wigs. Three of her wigs are shown in the pictures but then after I finished with her photo-shoot I found an extra two wigs laying around so there you have it. She gets two extra surprise wigs.

Her dress was a lot of fun to make and is fairly simple but has quite a bit of needlework on the top and some bead embellishments. It is made from cotton with silk for the skirt layers.

To finish the look she also has a simple headband made of flexible silver wire and beads. A tiny flower crown for a fairy queen.

Available on etsy:

Forget me not porcelain bjd in silk dress with embroidered top and flower crown. Forget me not little minion doll by meow with pale blue suri alpaca wig. Bisque ball jointed doll with blue flower tattoos and long brown hair. Handmade porcelain bjd full set includes 3 wigs, silk and embroidery dress, flower crown, and little minion doll with flower tattoos by lady meow.

Dear little garden helper

February 24, 2017
6in tall miniature porcelain bjd with honey blonde hair and fawn spots standing in a winter garden in front of dried black eyed susan seed-heads.

The weather has been unusually warm for Ohio this past week and I've really been enjoying it. I was able to get outside in the garden and do some early spring cleanup and this little doll helped. We're eagerly awaiting planting season and plan to grow lots of veggies and flowers.

More about the doll:
She is one of the porcelain dolls from my mountain of unfinished work, just recently finished, and is available on etsy. She comes with three wigs but doesn't come with any clothes so I imagine she is thankful for the warm weather too.

She is from my Little Minion Doll BII molds with the faun face mold. She's about 6" tall and plays well with 1/12 scale dollhouse furniture and props.




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