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Red & White Porcelain Strawberry

October 5, 2023
Red and white porcelain doll standing in front of flowers.

Hello everyone! Quite a while ago I made a doll inspired by blue and white china and ever since then I thought it would also be nice to make another doll inspired by red and white china. This is that doll! She took more work then the first blue and white one and if I were to make her again I'd do some things different but I'm still happy with her.

A not so fun thing about china paints is that some colors are what is known as cadmium colors. And brights Reds are often cadmium colors. These colors don't mix with non cadmium colors and will fade away to nothing in the kiln if one of the other colors touches it. As you might imagine this can make things a bit tricky. If I ever get around to doing another red and white china doll I think I'll experiment with using underglaze for a base color instead of china paint, which is technically an overglaze.

Okay, ramble over!

Porcelain doll, Strawberry, showing the red and white china painted engravings.
Wild Strawberries
The glad, glad days, and the pleasant ways -
      Ho! for the fields and the wildwood!
The scents, the sights, and the dear delights -
      Ho! for our care-free childhood!

Heavy the air with a fragrance rare,
      Strawberries ripe in the meadow,
Luscious and red where the vines are spread
      Thickly in sun and shadow.

The glad, glad days, and the pleasant ways,
      Chorus of wild birds calling:
"Strawberry ripe! Ho! strawberry ripe!"
      From dawn till the dew is falling.
Jean Blewett

Porcelain art doll with white hair sitting. Red and white porcelain doll with china painted strawberries. Porcelain strawberry bjd with red and white tattoos. Red and white fine china artdoll. Strawberry porcelain ball jointed doll.

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