a one of a kind polymer clay fairy sculpture, pink and blue shell, by ladymeow

Winter cotton candy

December 2011

Materials Used:
Polymer clay over wire, details painted with acrylic, decorated with various materials

When I was first working on this one I didn't think she would turn out that great and nearly scraped the whole thing. I like her now though so I guess it's a good lesson to try and finish things even if you're not sure about the direction it's going.

I used white and blue tibatan lambs hair for her hair as well as a few colored feathers.

Her body is sculpted with a pinkish colored polymer clay and her details are painted on with acrylic paint.

She has a dress (sort of) that is permanently attached and made using some kind of synthetic fabric and this strange fusible fiber type stuff. Not sure what it's called but it's very shiny and was a lot of fun to use. I think I'll try to use it again soon but I only have one color and the pink doesn't go with any of the other sculptures I'm working on at the moment.

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