Unnamed doll with green eyes

April 25, 2017
green eyed porcelain doll.

Sometimes when I make a doll I'll have a clear idea as to what to name it an and how it should look. But other times the doll just comes together with no plan at all and then refuses to be named at the end of it all.

This mysterious doll is one that I've struggled to name so I decided not to force it. I will just call it the unnamed doll with green eyes.

A tiny 6" tall porcelain ball jointed doll assembled with steel springs.

This is my latest spring assembled bjd and except for custom requests it will be the last doll of this type that I will assemble with springs. I do like the springs, once installed, but installing them in a tiny doll is fiddly to say the least.

This doll also uses the male variant of the Body II molds. So I guess it's a boy! Though to me he's so feminine looking that I think he could just as well be a girl.

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