Two tiny tattooed Meka dolls

September 23, 2016
two Meka porcelain bjds with painted engravings
Tiny candy themed porcelain bjd with blonde angora mohair wig. Closeup pictures of the cupcake and ice cream cone china painting Detail picture of the vintage inspired tattoo china painting including Kewpie doll, swallows, red flowers, and yellow stars. meka doll with vintage themed tattoos

I'd like to introduce you to two little tattooed Mekas. For awhile now I've been wanting to make one of these dolls with more elaborate china painting on its body, so I made two of them!

Their "tattoos" are actually drawings that were engraved into the porcelain while it was still soft and then colored with many layers of china paint. If you look closely you can see the engraved lines or if you run your finger over the tattoos you can feel it. I also gave them shoes socks, and underwear in the same way.

First off is a little pink cupcake doll. The base color of the porcelain is a little pinkish and she has a bit of an iridescent shimmer. Her tattoos are sweet themed and include a cupcake, icecream cone, and various candy.

The second doll is inspired by vintage imagery and American traditional tattoos. She has a little Kewpie doll painted on her thigh since Kewpie is one of the original inspirations for these tiny Meka dolls and their predecessor, Eka.

They are both available on etsy.

Little sugar doll

Little Vintage doll
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