Three new porcelain dolls

May 9, 2016
6 inch tall porcelain bjd

Hey guys!
I just finished adding three new porcelain BJDs to my Etsy shop. Two Meka dolls and one 6" tall Little Minion doll. So that means right now there are five finished dolls available.

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One of the dolls available, pictured to the right, is a little one I've named Souris because she seems a bit mouse like to me with her dark brown eyes.

Souris is made from my body II little minion doll molds, a small little sister doll to my earlier dolls, and so far I've only sold a few dolls like her. She is also assembled with steal springs instead of elastic, the fifth doll I've ever made with springs.

For quite awhile now I've been wanting to start taking custom orders for dolls like Souris but for so many reasons it just hasn't happened yet. I have changed so many things with this dolls mold, made so many tiny adjustments, and still want new face molds to use but time keeps ticking away. Maybe soon though. At least I hope so. This doll is quite fun to play with and I definitely want to make more of them.

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