Looking forward to 2017!

December 31, 2016
Happy new year 2017 from ladymeow

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful 2016 and if not then here’s hoping 2017 is better for you.

It seems that for me 2016 was focused on porcelain dolls. More specifically I spent time developing new work and skills and trying to finish up old projects.

3D bjd with blender

A big chunk of my time this past year went into learning how to make 3D models in Blender and how to prepare those models for 3D printing. Using blender to sculpt digitally has a steeper learning curve than sculpting by hand with actual clay but after enough time to get used to it I think I like it quite a bit. I have a new doll in the works that will be made with 3D printing and plan to write more about that in the coming year.

In between learning to use Blender I was working on a new simple tiny doll, named Leka, to replace the Meka dolls after their limited edition run is finished. It’s almost hard to believe that I only have 14 of the 50 Meka dolls left to finish.

I also finally released my 6” tall dolls, Little Minion Doll BII, for custom order. This little doll has just as much detail and the same number of joints as my bigger doll but is smaller.

Looking forward to the new year I plan to release new porcelain dolls and by the end of 2017 I plan to discontinue the old ones. And I would like to spend some more time working with polymer clay again, since my fairy creatures have sort of taken a backseat to the dolls lately, and also draw more. I actually do still draw every week but it’s mostly just silly doodles. Maybe I can share some of those doodles here too!

doll lineup

Thank you to everyone that’s shown me support and thanks for reading.
Here’s to a creative new year!

See you in 2017!

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