Forget me not

March 10, 2017
Little Minion Doll by ladymeow with forget me not flower themed dress and body paint.
Myosotis sylvatica,
or woodland forget-me-not, is a short-lived perennial that blooms in the spring and has small blue or white flowers.

This little lady is named Forget Me Not and is styled after the tiny blue woodland flowers. It seemed appropriate given that she is the final doll of her kind. At least kind of.

I mentioned in my new years post that I will be retiring some of my dolls this year to make room for new work and so now I’d like to show you my last doll from the “body I” molds, or at least the last one I will be making on my own time. I will continue to keep dolls from this mold available for custom order until the end of the year and then after that the molds will be destroyed.

Forget Me Not has big blue eyes and tiny blue flower tattoos and comes with a dress, headband, and five wigs. Three of her wigs are shown in the pictures but then after I finished with her photo-shoot I found an extra two wigs laying around so there you have it. She gets two extra surprise wigs.

Her dress was a lot of fun to make and is fairly simple but has quite a bit of needlework on the top and some bead embellishments. It is made from cotton with silk for the skirt layers.

To finish the look she also has a simple headband made of flexible silver wire and beads. A tiny flower crown for a fairy queen.

Available on etsy:

Forget me not porcelain bjd in silk dress with embroidered top and flower crown. Forget me not little minion doll by meow with pale blue suri alpaca wig. Bisque ball jointed doll with blue flower tattoos and long brown hair. Handmade porcelain bjd full set includes 3 wigs, silk and embroidery dress, flower crown, and little minion doll with flower tattoos by lady meow.
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