First two dolls listed this year

February 10, 2017
Two new porcelain bjd Meka dolls, one with platinum blonde hair and the other with electric blue hair.

I have two new dolls available on etsy. Except for custom orders these are actually the first new dolls I've finished this year, even though they were started in 2016. My unfinished work has really started to pile up and these two little dolls just feel like the tip of the iceberg.

The first doll has bright blue eyes and a placid expression. Her face is made from the Bunny mold and she is made with the palest porcelain I have. She comes with two wigs. One is long glossy platinum blonde and made from angora mohair. The other wig is made from suri alpaca and is a pastel blue and purple color that reminds me of cotton candy.

The second doll is a cheerful little thing. She has dark indigo and purple eyes and pale pink porcelain and her face is made from the Froggy mold.She also comes with two wigs. One wig is bright blue and the other is a sort of brown sugar or mauve color. They are both made from tibetan lamb hair.

meka doll with a pastel blue and purple wig.Tiny BJD with platinum blonde wig. Bisque doll with electric blue hair.Meka with wavy mauve wig.
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