Dear little garden helper

February 24, 2017
6in tall miniature porcelain bjd with honey blonde hair and fawn spots standing in a winter garden in front of dried black eyed susan seed-heads.

The weather has been unusually warm for Ohio this past week and I've really been enjoying it. I was able to get outside in the garden and do some early spring cleanup and this little doll helped. We're eagerly awaiting planting season and plan to grow lots of veggies and flowers.

More about the doll:
She is one of the porcelain dolls from my mountain of unfinished work, just recently finished, and is available on etsy. She comes with three wigs but doesn't come with any clothes so I imagine she is thankful for the warm weather too.

She is from my Little Minion Doll BII molds with the faun face mold. She's about 6" tall and plays well with 1/12 scale dollhouse furniture and props.
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