First two dolls listed this year

February 10, 2017
Two new porcelain bjd Meka dolls, one with platinum blonde hair and the other with electric blue hair. I have two new dolls available on etsy. Except for custom orders these are actually the first new dolls I've finished this year, even though they were started in 2016. My unfinished work has really started to pile up and these two little dolls just feel like the tip of the iceberg.

The first doll has bright blue eyes and a placid expression. Her face is made from the Bunny mold and she is made with the palest porcelain I have. She comes with two wigs. One is long glossy platinum blonde and made from angora mohair. The other wig is made from suri alpaca and is a pastel blue and purple color that reminds me of cotton candy.

The second doll is a cheerful little thing. She has dark indigo and purple eyes and pale pink porcelain and her face is made from the Froggy mold. She also comes with two wigs. One wig is bright blue and the other is a sort of brown sugar or mauve color. They are both made from tibetan lamb hair.

meka doll with a pastel blue and purple wig.Tiny BJD with platinum blonde wig.Bisque doll with electric blue hair.Meka with wavy mauve wig.

Looking forward to 2017!

December 31, 2016
Happy new year 2017 from ladymeow
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful 2016 and if not then here’s hoping 2017 is better for you.

It seems that for me 2016 was focused on porcelain dolls. More specifically I spent time developing new work and skills and trying to finish up old projects.

3D bjd with blender A big chunk of my time this past year went into learning how to make 3D models in Blender and how to prepare those models for 3D printing. Using blender to sculpt digitally has a steeper learning curve than sculpting by hand with actual clay but after enough time to get used to it I think I like it quite a bit. I have a new doll in the works that will be made with 3D printing and plan to write more about that in the coming year.

In between learning to use Blender I was working on a new simple tiny doll, named Leka, to replace the Meka dolls after their limited edition run is finished. It’s almost hard to believe that I only have 14 of the 50 Meka dolls left to finish.

I also finally released my 6” tall dolls, Little Minion Doll BII, for custom order. This little doll has just as much detail and the same number of joints as my bigger doll but is smaller.

Looking forward to the new year I plan to release new porcelain dolls and by the end of 2017 I plan to discontinue the old ones. And I would like to spend some more time working with polymer clay again, since my fairy creatures have sort of taken a backseat to the dolls lately, and also draw more. I actually do still draw every week but it’s mostly just silly doodles. Maybe I can share some of those doodles here too!

Thank you to everyone that’s shown me support and thanks for reading.
Here’s to a creative new year!

See you in 2017!

Tiny 6 inch tall doll, AKA body II

December 4, 2016
This tiny doll has been quite difficult for me. It has been finished for quite awhile but I have only made a few of them and not until today have I officially released them for custom order.

The difficulty with this doll is no fault of the doll itself. I strongly feel like this doll is an improvement on all my previous work, but because it has just as much detail as my bigger dolls in a much smaller size there are technical differences that make this one quite fussy to make.
I have also used this little doll to experiment with spring assembly to learn how to make that work for my dolls. The springs are certainty interesting and they take more work to install compared to elastic but I'm not sure if I prefer one over the other. The springs seem to makes the doll a little more rigid and mechanical feeling but the poses seem to have more stability. I think the elastic stringing makes the doll a little more flexible and organic feeling but the joints are also more likely to kick out of position so the poses are a little less stable.

For custom orders of this doll I have decided to allow buyers the choice of springs or elastic assembly.
doll poses

I also have one of these 6" dolls already finished and ready for a new home.
I have called this little one Kai and he comes with two wigs and a full outfit that has embroidery and beadwork. tan bjd in orange jacket

Two new dolls with the color green

November 28, 2016
I have two new Meka porcelain dolls available on etsy.
They look quite different from each other but I like to think they both share the same favorite color. Green!

porcelain bjd in a green dress with lace apron The first Meka is a sweet little girl in a green dress with an apron made from vintage lace. She has little shoes that are carved into the porcelain and painted.

porcelain ball jointed doll green fairy The second Meka is a cheerful (or maybe mischievous) little green fairy. Her wings are removable and held on with a magnet.

Two tiny tattooed Meka dolls

September 23, 2016
two Meka porcelain bjds with painted engravings
Tiny candy themed porcelain bjd with blonde angora mohair wig. Closeup pictures of the cupcake and ice cream cone china painting Detail picture of the vintage inspired tattoo china painting including Kewpie doll, swallows, red flowers, and yellow stars.
I'd like to introduce you to two little tattooed Mekas. For awhile now I've been wanting to make one of these dolls with more elaborate china painting on its body, so I made two of them!

Their "tattoos" are actually drawings that were engraved into the porcelain while it was still soft and then colored with many layers of china paint. If you look closely you can see the engraved lines or if you run your finger over the tattoos you can feel it. I also gave them shoes socks, and underwear in the same way.

First off is a little pink cupcake doll. The base color of the porcelain is a little pinkish and she has a bit of an iridescent shimmer. Her tattoos are sweet themed and include a cupcake, icecream cone, and various candy.

The second doll is inspired by vintage imagery and American traditional tattoos. She has a little Kewpie doll painted on her thigh since Kewpie is one of the original inspirations for these tiny Meka dolls and their predecessor, Eka.

They are both available on etsy.

Little sugar doll

Little Vintage doll


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