This archive is where I keep images of the polymer clay sculptures I've done. I call them shadow creatures, little fairies and fawns and other beasties, and they come from my imagination. Each one is unique and one of a kind.

Sculpture Archive

Dancing Song Secret Dandelion Rose Thorn Shelly Blue Fire Sprite Plum Smiling Mask Quirt Little wildwoman pixie Star Gazer Little ET Floxy Chubby Acorn Green Mermaid My Sweet Delight Leap Green Halloween Octomaid Little Blackbird Flying on Fungi Untitled Untitled Fairy Gnome Tiny Shadow Miss Crow Tiny gold mermaid Winter cotton candy Winter Ghost Purple Pixie Fall Faun Little Starling Grey and White untitled Little Kitten Rossie Imp Blue Fairy untitled Untitled Golden Fawn Mint Sparkle Sun Bath Raindrop Fairy Breezy trees please Untitled Untitled Untitled Frog Fairy The Green Alien Untitled White Speckled Owl Untitled Untitled Untitled Lunar Rabbit Snow Fairy The Twins Untitled Untitled Untitled Blue Gazelle Sleeping Bird Praying Heart Trinket Thief Pale Shadow Possible Acorn Fairy blind unicorn Foxy Freckles Contorted Stretch Child Fawn Away from home Mother Fawn Little Mute Greenbird Garden Elf The Mermaid Queen I am me and me only Hosta Fairy Here I sit
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