In this archive I have pictures related to my original stories and world building. Creative writing and world building is a hobby of mine and I mostly keep it to myself but I do still share some of the character drawings and concept art.

Drawings from 2012 to Now

Untitled Untitled Untitled Amusing Magnolia Breeze Sara pinup Redraw Red and Yellow Ice cream party untitled The snake and the rat

Drawings from 2011 and Earlier

What would I call you Orange Swans Map of Meowness Chibi Aukjin Dreaming Fish Kara and Kara Summer Dress Orange Lilies Green Roses Yellow Sunflowers Walk with me Cozy Home Chibi Set City Streets It's my pleasure Lie With Me Portrait of Shmew Misc meowness doodles Pink Dandies Untitled Sylin with Poppies Star Lilies Concept Sketches Dancing Debs and Friends Star and Friends Brijit Pinup Sara Pinup DA ID Star doodles I'll be your master if you'll be my slave Tays Song Unlikely Scenario #2 Ever Inseparable Unlikely Scenario #1 I love how ugly you are Dancing in the dappled light like lilies Blankie Sittin Jin Ref sheet Ref sheet Ref sheet Lady and her Pet Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Flying Goat Boy! Untitled King of the Sky Sitting on the Swing Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Content to Sit Alone Untitled Sunny Day 1 Untitled Pulling up Remnants First story comic: Failed attempt #3+ Failed Comic Untitled Sketch Dump Untitled Christmas Chibi Olmu Sketch Pile My Blue Lady Kitties & Purl Dragon Train First story comic: Failed attempt #2 First story comic: Failed attempt #1 Untitled First Sketchbook
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