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arch archive for OOAK polymer clay sculptures, mostly dark fairies and faun creatures
Sculpted one of a kind polymer clay figurines.
Sometimes I like to make little fairy and fantasy creatures.

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Porcelain ball jointed dolls.
I spend many hours making these little dolls and call them my little minions.

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art archive for articulated porcelain dolls by ladymeow, porcelain bjd eka meka leka and little minion dolls
art archive for traditionally drawn and painted workds by ladymeow that do not fit in the other archive categories
Paintings and drawings made with traditional media.
I don't draw much lately but pencil and watercolor are still some of my favorite materials to work with.

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Digital drawings and paintings.
Drawing on the computer is always fun because it's a lot cleaner and more convenient than using traditional mediums.

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art archive for digitally drawn artwork by lady meow that does not fit into the other archive categories
Art archive for drawings and paintings, both traditional and digital, that relate to my original stories and characters. These are all personal works made strictly for my own entertainment.
Drawings of my original characters and fantasy world.
Anymore when I draw it's normally a quick digital drawing of one of my characters. Mostly cat people.

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