How to follow

From time to time I post updates and information about available work on my blog. You can receive notifications when I update by either subscribing to my RSS feed or email newsletter.

Alternatively I also post links on twitter and facebook when I update my blog for people that prefer receiving updates that way.

I’m also active on instagram and enjoy interacting with people there. You can follow me @lady.meow if you’d like to see work in progress pictures taken with my phone in addition to random stuff I’m doing like baking cookies or journaling.

lady.meow on instagram. meowness rss feed. miss meowness on facebook. missmeowness on twitter.

How to contact

The best way to contact me is through email. You could send me a message on instagram too or one of the other social media platforms but I'm far less likely to miss your message if it's through email.


How to buy

visit our etsy shop visit out ebay store
I sell finished porcelain dolls and polymer clay sculptures on etsy, directly through email, and to a lesser extent on ebay. I try to post an update on my blog to announce whenever a new doll or sculpture is listed on etsy or ebay.
If you are interested in something in particular you can always just ask me.

If you're interested in custom work feel free to contact me.
I'm usually open to making customized porcelain dolls and periodically take commissions for both digital and traditional drawings and paintings.
I do not, however, make polymer clay sculptures to order. My polymer fauns and fairies are only created when the mood strikes me and I prefer to only make them as I like instead of as someone requests.

About meow

I work in a variety of different mediums and like to try lots of new things. For drawings and paintings I like to use watercolor, color pencil, oil paint, and pen and pencil the best. I also love to draw digitally because of how bright and clean the colors are and because it's also very convenient. I also like to make mixed media sculptures, such as my polymer clay shadow creatures and fairies, and porcelain dolls.

My inspiration comes from too many places to list but my favorite subjects to work with are animals, plants, and original characters. I like cartoons, and bright colors, and have a lot of affection for drawings that are cute and have anime influences. I'd say my work is notably feminine and a bit childish.

If you have any questions it's always okay to email me.


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