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Out with the old

December 9, 2017
Farewell sale and dolls going into retirement

Hey guys! No, I'm not going anywhere or retiring from dolls, but I am retiring some of my older doll molds.

So after all this time my Meka dolls are finally coming to the end of their run. 50 tiny dolls is an awful lot, no matter how small they are, and I'm looking forward to finally putting the molds to rest. Custom orders are now closed for these tinies but there are currently 8 finished Mekas available in my etsy shop and there will be 1 more added when I have her dress finished and that will be the last of them. It's been a fun little doll to make but I'm ready for something new.

Porcelain bjd holding a little gray cat.

I'm also having a farewell sale for my older doll molds, Body I and Body II.
The price for the custom dolls will be discounted until the end of the year for anyone that would like to order one before I destroy the molds.
They are odd sized dolls and moving forward I want to focus on making properly scaled 1/6 size dolls in edition to the tinies.

You can find my available dolls on etsy:

Looking forward to sharing more about my upcoming dolls later!

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